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Mold Removal Staten Island

Welcome to our page! Mold Removal Staten Island NY is a huge company known For getting rid of mold and keeping it away! We also have other services we provide, but that is the biggest one we are known for.

Do you have mold problems and just can’t get rid of it? Or have had other mold removal companies in Staten Island try and repair is for you, but were unsuccessful? Well we are here to save the day. We can make your mold be gone 100% guaranteed with a little help from you of course!

Just a few main services we provide are free estimate, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation, mold specialists, mold clean up and more!

Mold is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important to take care of the problem as soon as you are aware of it. Staten Island Mold Removal is here to help you every step of the way.

About Mold Removal Staten Island

Just some values and goals we have will be written here. It may sound cheesy, but it is true. If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy. Why? It means that we aren’t doing our job 100% is why! We need you to support us and if you aren’t left walking on air then we didn’t finish the job.

It may be hard to tell someone that you are confused and telling them more questions, but we really don’t mind. In fact we encourage it! If you have questions, please ask them! We want to make sure that you feel important and included and that what you are wondering matters because it does.

Our company has been looked at very highly not only because of us being around for a long time, but also because of our friendly employees. They make the service ten times better, and their welcoming personalities just make people feel so much better about their stressful situation.

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Why Choose Mold Removal Staten Island

We have had customers choose us over other companies because of our customer service. We have the most amount of customers because of our service we provide. We try to make everything as fair as possible for everyone.

We are insured which makes it nice for those that may have a more financially challenging situation. We want anyone and everyone to be able to receive our help when needed. We have our customers best interest at heart at all times.

I’ll even list a few of the top reasons as to why our customers love our work and prefer us over others:

  • Free estimates
  • We are an insured company
  • All employees are certified professionals
  • Work at a brisk pace
  • Don’t dilly dally
  • We are completely against cutting corners
  • We double check our work
  • We make a layout plan special for each customer
  • If we believe the problem is minor enough we will tell you and tell you how to do it if you want to save the money, but if not we are happy to do it for you
  • We aren’t new to the job

Our company has been helping our community for decades and we haven’t let them down! We know what we are doing! If you are concerned about having mold call us today and we will check it out for you! We will get that free estimate going for you, and book you a date.

What to Expect from Mold Removal Staten Island

The standards we hold for our products are high. We expect in shape and new products to be able to be used for each job. We don’t like to do the hand me down way. If we do then that means you aren’t getting what you paid for.

We keep older products in stock as well, and even though they are older we still hold onto them so you can have them if wanted, but they are still very new as well. Older products are kept up to date and not old. We still do recommend the newer products and equipment though because they are the most updated and improved, but we will do what pleases the customer.

Customers choose us because we value their opinion. It is important to us and we make sure they are aware of it. They appreciate how we don’t drag our feet through our work and take a long time. They love how neat we make it. We hate sloppy. We clean up as we go, that is just our motto of how we do things.

When a customer contacts us, they call the office, the person taking their calls put them at the next availability especially is the customer okays it, and then once a worker arrives he or she will check out and inspect your home to see what they are dealing with, they will run some test and when they finish up with that they will sit with you.

When they sit with you they will let you know what needs to be done and what their job is and yours. The will begin the mold removal process along with the mold clean up. Afterwards, it is the Staten Island mold remediation. That is where the customer comes in, because to keep the mold away you need to know the remedy to do so!

Make sure if you have any questions about the mold remediation Staten Island process that you inform us of it. That way we know that you know everything needed to keep the infestation gone.

Services Mold Removal Staten Island Provides

staten island mold removal

Mold Removal

Staten Island Mold Removal is also done with mold clean up Staten Island.

It doesn’t make sense to many, but you have to clean the mold off and get any dust, dirt or any other kind of remnants off of it to isolate the mold.

Once it is completely clean that is when the decontaminating mold removal process begins.

staten island mold testing

Mold Testing Staten Island

Mold Testing Staten Island is important because you never really know how much mold you’re working with and how deep it may go if it's in your wall. The test can determine the depth and the percentage of the mold and if it can be scrubbed out with the products needed or if part of your drywall would have to be exterminated completely and replaced with new drywall.

They then will need the equipment to make it possible to replace the drywall that has the mold in it.

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Mold Inspection Staten Island

Mold Inspection Staten Island is the first step done when a worker arrives. They check out your home or business and see if there is any other mold in your home you are unaware of.

Or if you are unaware if you even have any they check around to make sure if you have any to begin with or not.

mold remediation staten island

Mold Remediation Staten Island

Mold Remediation Staten Island is done after the mold is removed. Our team then goes through with you on how to keep the mold away. How to air out and ventilate the area and how to let in natural sunlight.

They may also give you tips and tricks on how to get rid of small mold problems in a safe way. All these steps will help you with the current problem you just had and can help with any future ones you encounter.

About Staten Island

Staten Island is the southernmost of New York's 5 boroughs. Staten Island is known for its Yankees, their popular zoo, historic Richmond town and more! The unemployment rate is 4.6% and their sales tax rate is 8.9%. The population of Staten Island is 476,143.

The cities that surround Staten Island are:

  • Elizabeth, NJ.
  • Woodbridge, NJ.
  • Bayonne, NJ.
  • Linden, NJ.
  • Rahway, NJ.
  • Carteret, NJ.
  • Colonia, NJ.
  • Avenel, NJ.
  • And Surrounding Areas...


"I had a recurring leak issue that was soaking up my floors and no matter what I did or who I called the problem kept returning! I finally tried Mold Removal Staten Island since floor repair was an option. They came so quickly and worked on my problem immediately. The drying took 7 days to fix, but they helped solve my leak problem and everything! So grateful for this team for actually taking their time on their work."

-Reece P.

"I had a crazy pipe burst and it started soaking my carpets up completely! I was feeling overwhelmed and I had no idea what to do! I finally got the pipe under control, but my carpet was soaked! This awesome team came in and fixed it immediately.

No mold problem or anything! It finished within about 4 days and it was like my carpet was never lifted to dry. They made everything look perfect and neat once again."

-Kyler S.

"I had a mold issue coming in hot in my house! I could smell it and everything! Turned out it was about only a week old so it was so new and didn’t have much time to grow or anything, thankfully!

The team told me how I could get rid of the problem myself without having to spend a dime! I thought that was so awesome! Not many companies would have done something so great as that!"

-Samantha P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your employees certified?

Yes, they have to go through the proper training and classes to be able to actually begin to work with us.

How long should it take to fix a mold problem?

Depending on how small or large it depends, but a small one maybe 2-3 hours and large about 8 or so.

Is pink mold worse to breathe in than black mold?

It is all bad and toxic for you to breathe in. One is not worse than the other.

How do you get rid of pink mold?

You make a bleach mixture and spray it and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and scrub it with a toothbrush and repeat this process a couple times over.

How long does it take for mold to become toxic?

It only takes a day or two till it becomes toxic for you to have around.

When does the mold stop growing?

It never stops growing, it continues until it gets terminated and the steps are done to keep it away.

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In the end we are truly the ones that can help you and we will make your time worthwhile. We aren’t rookies new at the games. We are certified professionals that can make your place safe and nice for you again!

Call mold Removal Staten Island today and we will get that free estimate going for you and book you an appointment! Make your home and business a safer place to be.

One a call today about anything you’re concerned about and we will come and check out your problems or concerns and if there is a problem we will be happy to give you a free estimate!

Mold Removal Staten island

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